You're Bayonetta, But I've Got Hemorrhoids
Podtoid episode 219
Release date 18 September, 2012
Running time 103 minutes
Featuring Jim Sterling
Jonathan Holmes
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A Fetus Saved My Life

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Podtoid 219: You're Bayonetta, But I've Got Hemorrhoids is a New Podtoid episode released on 2012-09-18.

It was hosted by Jim Sterling and Jonathan Holmes.

Official DescriptionEdit

Conrad and Hamza are out of town, leaving only the Derptastic Duo to record a Podtoid that involves varnished fecal trinkets and recreations of the torture porn that is Chiller. Also, both the Escapist Expo and the Wii U event were attended and recalled in loving detail, while Willem Dafoe gets offered a new movie role in the film adaptation of Bayonetta.

As if that wasn't enough, we get our chat on with Borderlands 2 and a whole bunch of Wii U games that Jonathan played. Oh, and Reggie Fils-Aime is a purple Pikmin! (Link to Dtoid Post)


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