Geralt of Rivia, Slayer of Kissing Teens
Podtoid episode 277
Podtoid episode header 277
Release date 6 January 2014
Running time 65 minutes
Season: 9
Featuring Max Scoville
Jonathan Holmes
Conrad Zimmerman
Andy Dixon
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Podtoid 277: Geralt of Rivia, Slayer of Kissing Teens is a Podtoid episode released on 6 January 2014.

It was hosted by Max Scoville, Jonathan Holmes, Conrad Zimmerman, and Andy Dixon.

After a brief hiatus in which Jim Sterling left Destructoid (and as a result, also left Podtoid) the show returns with Max Scoville and new Podtoid co-host, Destructoid Community Director Andy Dixon.

Official DescriptionEdit

Like a disgusting, vulgar Phoenix, Podtoid once again rises from its feculent ashes. This time around, the roster consists of Max Scoville, Conrad Zimmerman, Jonathan Holmes, and Andy Dixon. Join them as they discuss Witchers, big crabs, Molemen, facial hair, and very briefly... videogames.