Hey, just a quick note to explain a few things about the new mainpage layout.

NOTE: Please only edit the mainpage in code view! It doesn't like being changed in the visual editor.

News BoxEdit

The news box has four short messages. Once a fifth news story needs adding, delete the oldest on the list. I would make this a feed, but I'm too lazy. Keep the top rows empty as they maintain alignment for the rest of the table.

Quote Of The WeekEdit

Quotes now have an image next to them. We currently only have one for Jim, Conrad and Jonathan, but I'll be adding images for other more popular hosts of Podtoid and other Dtoid shows. The new layout forces a single quote a week and makes it all a bit less cluttered. Try to keep quotes as short as possible, but they can be long if need be.

Quote image files: Frontpage_Jonathan_Quote.jpg Frontpage_Jim_Quote.jpg Frontpage_Conrad_Quote.jpg


The poll must have a maximum of four, possibly five, options on it. Gotta try to limit it a tad.

Dafoe QuoteEdit

The Dafoe Quote is a simple text change job to change each week, however if a quote is from Miniature Fantasy Willem Dafoe, he has his own image. Be sure to change his name and occupation, too.

Frontpage_MiniFantasyDafoeQuote.png - Miniature Fantasy Willem Dafoe, Action Figure

Frontpage_DafoeQuote.png - Willem Dafoe, Actor

Podtoid Image and linksEdit

Uses a template and works in the same way as episode infoboxes. Don't mismatch links names and images with episodes!

Try to keep episode images consistent with this naming scheme: <SHOW>_Episode_Header_<###>.jpg

Example: Podtoid_Episode_Header_254.jpg

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