On his worst days, an Obama might suddenly pull the Power Cord on your favourite TV-show and laugh.

President Barack Obama (Born CoCo Bama outside of the USA most definitely.) is the 44th US President. On New Podtoid, Obama has been named a Jinx'er of high proportions. He looks like a queen alien in definitely not a racist way at all ever.

A lot of bad things have come out of his presidency and it's been factually proven that the Wii is a better president than him.

A common expression amongst the Podtoid crew, especially Jim Sterling, is "Blame Obama", "I Blame Obama" and "Is this Obama's America?". But Jim is not Racist.

Things He Has DoneEdit

  • Caused the Apocalypse. Or... Will. Probably.
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    He is a bad man.

  • Told Sony to not release all PS1 games on the PS Vita.
  • Came up with microtransactions in retail games.
  • Probably forced Max and Tara to leave New Podtoid.
  • Bought all the remaining Skeleton Warriors action-figures just to lock them in a basement and laugh at them.
  • Been a bad man.
  • He touched me once
  • He forced Nintendo to put a 100 Friend Limit on the Wii U.
  • Invented DRM.
  • Only tips 5%, even when he's feeling "Generous".
  • Went back in time so he could stop the guy who would go on to invent the cure for AIDS from being born.
  • Inflated the dollar so much that groats have been seen as a more stable form of currency (source: The Groats Currency Fluctuation )