Robert Summa
Old Podtoid Host
Role Host
Date Joined 27th September 2006
Date Left 30th March 2007
First episode Podtoid 001: Welcome to Podtoid
Last episode Podtoid 021: Who Digested my Old Pants?
Robert Summa was the original host of Old Podtoid and ex-executive editor on Destructoid. He left the show and the site as a whole after Podtoid 021: Who Digested my Old Pants?, presumably due to disputes with staff. It is very likely he was fired, rather than leaving voluntarily due to his narcissistic and mean-spirited nature. He has since been known as "that asshole who used to host", and the entire Summa era is spoken of in hushed tones.

Robert Summa returned to Podtoid as a guest on episode 94, after Anthony Burch called in to Summa's live show "The Summa Aftershow" and called him a pedophile, asking him "on a scale of 1 - 10 how old is your girlfriend?".

On the same episode, Summa clarified that he is not just a pedophile, but is actually a hippy pedophile, driving around a VW Van with tye-dye tinted windows.

Summa returned to Destructoid in 2015 - and by the way we genuinely hope this page hasn't caused him any trouble at all.

On SummaEdit

"He's the old executive editor on Destructoid, he was a cunt." -Krow, Destructoid Forums

"Robert Summa is a sociopath" - Laron Andie

"Robert Summa is a pedophile" - Sim Jterling

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