In episode 110 of old Podtoid, Floppy Bodies, Samit told what he told to be his "most memorable" moment for him in a video game as being during a game of GTA. The entire incident led to the entire crew bursting out laughing and a moment that most of them will never forget.

Audio of the incident

Transcript of the story:

Story start: 1:33:49.279

Stop: 1:37:02.194

Samit: “In terms of just hilarious deaths, [um] I could probably come up with [ah, you know] like just a bunch were flung through my from [from] GTA games, but I remember this one in GTA 3 where [um, you know] there’s the [the, uh] the first island I guess is like [there’s this like] sort of edge along the water and I remember [like] I was [uh, I was] being chased [um] by a cop car and [um] I was heading toward the water and my, my car was on fire. So [uh], I bail out of the car or, I guess it would have had to have been Vice City because I don’t remember if you could bail in GTA 3. Anyway, so I bail out of the car [um] and [you know] the flaming car goes into the water and I’m like ‘WOOO, okay’ and as soon as I [like] pick myself up off the ground, the cop car just runs me over.

*nervous chuckle*

Um, so, that was, I don’t know, it just stuck out in my mind.”

[Period of total silence for­­­ ­­4 seconds]

[Anthony, Brad, Aaron, and Topher erupt laughing, Anthony and Topher both continue until the end of the story]

Samit: “I knew I never should’ve talked about this.”

Aaron: “I love you Samit. I think we broke Anthony.”

Anthony, while laughing: “Oh no.”

Topher: “Oh, man.”

Aaron: “Is he crying? I think he’s actually crying.”

Samit: “That’s the last fucking time I tried to talk about GTA. Last fucking time, I swear to God.”

Anthony, in between fits of laughter: “No Samit, I’m not laughing at you.”

Brad: “You know what would help man, get you some protein shakes, we’ll start hittin’ the gym, and I’ll fucking make something of you yet.”

Anthony, still laughing: “I’m not laughing at Samit explicitly. I just love our silent pact to be as quiet as possible without saying anything to each other, like it was just an immediate reaction.”

Samit: “So is Anthony’s mom on the podcast now? I thought I heard a woman.”

Aaron: “I have never heard Anthony laugh that hard before. The fact that he’s still says, yep.”

Anthony: “Oh, I’m tearing up.”

Aaron: “I, I seriously, in all honesty I feel compelled to apologize, I’m sorry. We’ve been bastards to you this podcast and previous podcasts. I don’t know how it happened. Usually I’m the bitch of the crew and maybe we’ll get back to that sometime, but I feel really bad for that. I mean I feel really good about what just happened. That was a great, unbelievably well-coordinated, somehow, by the grace of God thing that just happened. I thought it was magical, but at the same time, I do feel bad. I’m sorry.”

Anthony: “Well that wraps it up for Podtoid 110, I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.”

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