Samit Sarkar
Old Podtoid Cast Member
Role Cast Member
Date Joined 10th February 2009
Date Left 27th April 2010
First episode Podtoid 086: This Podcast is a Lie
Last episode Podtoid 148: Bob Hoskins is Watching You F*ck

Samit Sarkar was a brown boy (Jim is not Racist) who keeps wanting to talk about videogames. Famous for the worst videogame story about GTA ever back in days of yore (Old Podtoid) and not shutting up about videogames.

Also he plays sports games. Seriously? What's up with that?!

For fuck's sake Samit, stop trying to talk about videogames.

Jim tried for years to upset him, but failed.  Eventually this task was accomplished when Hamza swept into Old Podtoid, like fucking Zorro, to ruin his life for an hour.  Due to his life being ruined, Samit left halfway through the recording.

Has a reputation for liking shit Pokémon. He carries soil and worms in his pockets like a filthy street urchin. Be careful if he visits your house, as he will discretely tap his pockets to let out small amounts of dirt into your home.  He will also take a shit in your fire place while looking right at you.

It is also rumored that he wears little hats.



  • Sports
  • Shut up Samit
  • Sport Sarkar
  • That little brown boy (This nickname was partially picked up by Jonathan Holmes in New Podtoid)
  • Browntown
  • Happy Birthday, Samit!
  • Double down browntown
  • Little Tiny Tim at Christmas
  • An Arsehole

Sports GamesEdit