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Skeleton Warriors was an animated series by Landmark Entertainment Group, which originally aired in 1993–1994 on CBS. Jim Sterling has been known to love this series as a kid and as an adult (bigger kid) and has brough it up several times on the New Podtoid. It features undead warriors who are skellingtons taking on various adventures and enemies.

The Plot that I totally didn't copy off WikipediaEdit

The story takes place on the distant planet of Luminaire. The conflict of the plot revolves around the need to control the Lightstar Crystal. This powerful crystal powers the great city of Luminicity. Baron Dark, the show's main villain, tried to steal the crystal in order to gain control over its incredible power. He only succeeded in obtaining half of the crystal, with the other half being obtained by Prince Lightstar.

The half of the crystal that the Baron Dark managed to obtain turns him into a living skeleton. It also gives him the power to turn those with evil hearts into living skeletons for his army. Each episode involves Prince Lightstar, his siblings and Baron Dark attempting to obtain the other half of their respective crystals in order to gain control over the planet.


Skellington Toys.

The Reason Jim still totally loves themEdit

There were some really rad action figures based on the show that Jim loved! What more of a description do you want? This isn't Tomopop!