Sterling Thanksgiving Foundation Charity
was a charity created by Jim Sterling and Conrad Zimmerman (possibly registered through Sterling Corp.). It was first introduced on Podtoid 228.


All the profits from the STFC goes to the needy pockets of Jim Sterling and Conrad Zimmerman. It's unknown whether or not they cashed out in Dollars or Grotes.


The STFC has been known to work with outside services to get their business done. During the Val Kilmer's Family Thanksgiving Showdown, they hired both the Fun Gestapo and the Outcasts to guard the theater (with Tazers). They paid them in drugs, because that was the easiest way.

When Jim and Conrad left Boston they left the Charity money (20 Dollars per attendee) with a nice fellow named Vaas who they deemed trustworthy.

Val Kilmer's Family Thanksgiving ShowdownEdit

When the STFC first got to Boston they arranged the Val Kilmer's Family Thanksgiving Showdown, the first of the famous Val Kilmer Presents line of events. It's taking place tomorrow.



Holmes expressed criticism of the fact that no one would want to see him do all the acts at Val Kilmer's Family Thanksgiving Showdown and that Val Kilmer was, in fact, not interesting any more. He felt the STFC wasn't going to make any profits because of this. The STFC responded by throwing a copy of The Dark Knight Rises into Holmes face and yelled "LUDO!".

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