Christmas Wishlist
Teenage Pokemon episode 001
Release date 15 December 2012
Running time 2 minutes 24 seconds
Featuring Jonathan Holmes, Anthony Burch
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TeenPkmn 002: Console Wars

Christmas Wishlist is a Teenage Pokemon episode released on 2012-12-15.

The episode was written and voiced by Jonathan Holmes, with additional voice acting from Anthony Burch.

Official DescriptionEdit

I just realized that the first episode of The Simpsons was a Christmas Special. That show went on to do pretty well for itself I guess. Same with South Park. Weird.

I swear to God, it's purely a coincidence that the first episode of Teenage Pokemon is also a Christmas Special. I can only dream that the show will go on to be a fraction as funny and long lived as The Simpsons and South Park. If it even goes on to be as popular as Hello Larry, I'll be happy.

Thanks to everyone who helped make this thing possible.


  • Character Design: Lindsay Collins
  • Lead Animator: Ben Mangum
  • "Wii U for Christmas?" Animator: David Ernst
  • "Coming Soon" Animator: Michael McCartney
  • CGI graphics and titles: Anthony Gonzalez
  • Background Art Contributor: Brock Odle
  • Pikachu: Anthony Burch
  • Everything Else: Jonathan Holmes

(Special thanks to Zac Bentz, Vieko Franetovic, Michael Lohaus, Jesse Hopkins, Jason Cirillo, Dan Koopman, Vid Cirman, Andy Macarthy, and of course, Nintendo and Game Freak.)

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