Mewtube Girls
Teenage Pokemon episode 003
Release date 24 February 2013
Running time 6 minutes 56 seconds
Featuring Jonathan Holmes
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Teenage Pokemon is a Teenage Pokemon episode released on 2013-02-24.

The episode was written and voiced by Jonathan Holmes.

Official DescriptionEdit

This episode of Teenage Pokemon is based on a true story, which may be a first for a fan-made Pokemon video. Like a lot of adaptations of real life events, (Zero Dark Thirty immediately comes to mind), this one had to run a little long for accuracy's sake. Sadly, it's more likely to be remembered as the Pokemon equivalent of Ang Lee's Hulk than any Oscar nominated film. Take that however you want.

That's in part due to Wartortle's tenuously contained relationship with self loathing, his need for acceptance, and with his primal urges in general. Why is this young Poke-man so intense? I blame the internet and its unique way of sneaking into the back door of our brains kicking our amygdalas into high gear.

As all of you budding neurologists out there know, the amygdala is the part of the brain that is triggered when we enter fight or flight mode. the farther we go into that mode, the more that our brains can only effectively run two routines -- attack and defense. In an ideal world, this primitive part of our nervous system would only be triggered when we're being attacked by a bear or something, but reality is not that kind. Our amygdalas can be potentially triggered by emotional threats as well. Try questioning someone's religious beliefs, their skill as a game developer, their favorite videogame console, their taste in...

Oh, I'm over-explaining again? Sorry about that. I hope you enjoy this week's episode, and thanks for watching. At the very least, you can send it to the next internet stranger that comes at you with something creepy and/or furious and tell them "This is you."


  • Character Design: Lindsay Collins
  • Additional art and character design: David North and Sarah Thomas
  • Animation: David North
  • Mewtube design: Daryl Burningham (his shirts are great)
  • Video Production Assist: LeGrudge and Rugged (their game is awesome)
  • Animation Assit: Dave Ernst and Diego Moreno
  • Mewtube name: LolShin

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