PAX Special
Teenage Pokemon episode 005
Release date 10 March 2013
Running time 5 minutes 33 seconds
Featuring Jonathan Holmes
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Teenage Pokemon is a Teenage Pokemon episode released on 2013-03-10.

The episode was written and voiced by Jonathan Holmes.

Official DescriptionEdit

The rise of PAX from a relatively small gathering of fans of an online comic strip to the biggest gaming event (or these days, events) in the industry has been amazing to witness. What is it about this event that has game publishers treating it like a mini-E3 and bring in thousands of attendees every year? That's what we're looking to find out in this week's episode, though you won't need to be a PAX veteran to relate.

This is my favorite episode so far. That's no slight to the animators or voice acting cameos who contributed to prior episodes. It's more that this episode works as such a nice antidote to the abrasive and/or disturbing territory we went into in the past two episodes, while also serving as a vessel for so much amazing artwork. Beau Blyth of Samurai Gunn fame handled the bulk of the animation, while artists like Paul Veer (Super Crate Box) Brian Provinciano (Retro City Rampage) Thomas Truong (New Adventures of Podtoid) and many others swooped in to contribute tons of little touches that work to make this episode burst with visual ideas. We'll be collecting some of the best art from the show in a post later this week, so stay tuned.

It's still unclear if there will be more Teenage Pokemon after this. If we do get to make more, the plan is to introduce Ash and Pikachu as regular characters, to make each episode shorter and more pointed, and take on topics like depression, psychotherapy, Let's Plays, Bronies, E3, and more. I've never been more excited about a project, so if there is any way humanly possible to make more Teenage Pokemon, I will do it. If you want the show to keep going, be sure to spread it around on Facebook and YouTube, and thanks for watching.


  • Lead character design: Lindsay Collins
  • Animation: Beau Blyth
  • Additional character design and clean up, Bidoofshock Infinite art, Borderlanderous 2 art clean up: Sarah Thomas
  • GTP V box art: Thomas Truong
  • GTP V cutscene graphics: NoobPubby
  • GTP V playable engine: Brian Provinciano
  • Rockstaryu logo: Daryl Burningham
  • Lesbian Nidoequeens of Mars art: After Mariel Kinuko Cartwright
  • Someone's PCDS and beanbag chair design: David North
  • Tokenmon graphics: Paul Veer
  • Background Animation Assist: Brock Odle
  • The other stuff: Jonathan Holmes

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