Teenage Pokémon is an animated series airing on Machinima created by Jonathan Holmes about mid-evolution stage Pokémon. It's a comedy/satire of the life of an average modern teenager.

The ControversyEdit

Teenage Pokémon was released to a mixed reception with a lot of people claiming the show suffered from a lack of humor and that it was not *insert whatever show Machinima viewers are used to* but instead something new. Show frontman Jonathan Holmes responded to this by saying he liked the show and that there seemed to be a variety of reasons as to why it had a mixed reception, with some not getting what he was aiming for. He later admitted that Machinima might have had the wrong target-demographic, something to which Jim Sterling agreed. He has, however, gone on to say that the 1st episode has recieved more views than anything he's ever done. The preview has also gotten more dislikes than likes on Dtoid, whereas the 1st episode has accumulated more likes than dislikes on Machinima. However, Maxwell Roahrig's girlfriend as well as Tobbii Karlsson enjoyed it very much.

Episode 1 or Season Preview?Edit

The first Episode of Teenage Pokémon was released on December 15th 2012, however it was not intended to be the first episode but rather a short preview of the first episode. On the matter, Jonathan Holmes stated "...(Teenage Pokémon) was originally going to end with a coming soon bit that I felt was a much stronger ending but I was asked (by Machinima) to change that."

The "Coming Soon" segment was later released on Both videos can be seen below.

Quilava was originally wearing a Jake the Dog shirt, but Machinima took issue with it and it was changed to a pixilated Jonathan Holmes T shirt design at the last minute.

Teenage Pokemon Episode 102:24

Teenage Pokemon Episode 1

Teenage Pokemon Coming Soon00:55

Teenage Pokemon Coming Soon

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