No More Anus

The Statements (down and up) that ended it.

The Anal Embargo was an event that took place on Twitter on the 1st of January, 2013.

Jim Sterling declared on twitter, "@TronKnotts That is settled then. Anus is no longer on the Podtoid menu. It'll atrophy if we tie it off at the source." Jonathan Holmes was delighted to know that maybe the tormenting of him on places other than Podtoid might finally stop; someday, it might.

This event can be seen as the end of the Era of Jonathan Holmes' Anus and the beginning of the Era of Freaky Constantina.

The Anal Embargo has been broken multiple times, with the worst offender being Podtoid 245: Don't Body-Shame Elizabeth Berkley in which Jim suggested the entirety of PAX East should be squeezed into Jonathans asshole after a sneeze that causes him to fall over and lose his underwear. He described it as "Not quite like the TARDIS because it'll still be uncomfortable".

It was also broken on Podtoid 246: Suck A Duck Boner, where Jim responded to Jonathan saying "I want a donut. I don't want a donut hole" with "I want your donut hole."

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