Bruderhof History Series - 1 - Beginnings The Sannerz Bruderhof 1918-192105:56

Bruderhof History Series - 1 - Beginnings The Sannerz Bruderhof 1918-1921

The History of The Bruderhof

The Bruderhof is an international movement of families, single men, and single women who seek to put into action Christ’s command to love God and neighbor.


The Bruderhof was founded in 1920 in Germany by Eberhard Arnold, great-grandfather of Jonathan Holmes. The Bruderhof was also founded by Eberhard's wife, Emmy, as well as Emmy's sister, Else von Hollander. The group was later forced out of Germany by Adolf Hitler before World War II (and possibly the origins of the Fun Gestapo), not ordering them killed possibly due to the leaders being descendants of old German kings. The Bruderhof traveled to Great Britain after being forced out of Germany, but once World War II had started, the British government had not wanted any possible German spies to be around, so The Bruderhof were again forced out of a place they called home. The Bruderhof moved to Paraguay, where they had flourished for many years, later expanding throughout the world.


The Bruderhof runs multiple businesses throughout the world. The Bruderhof have been publishing books since its founding, now publishing books under Plough Publishing. Community Playthings  has been The Bruderhof's oldest business, and has been manufacturing classroom furniture and educational play equipment for nurseries, elementary schools, and kindergartens around the world for over fifty years. Rifton Equipment designs and manufactures rehabilitation products for adults and children with disabilities. Danthonia Designs produces three-dimensional designs. Custom designed, they are finished, painted, and sculpted by hand. (No Bruderhof workers are paid for what they do)


The Bruderhof Website

The Bruderhof YouTube Page

Jonathan's Mom's Book on Amazon

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