The Electric Hydra
Videogames and Brad Nicholson's Shoe Size podcast
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Hosted by Brad Nicholson
Cast Jim Sterling, Topher Cantler, Aaron Linde, Anthony Burch, Joseph Leray
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First episode
The Electric Hydra 001: The First Episode
Last episode
The Electric Hydra 105: Nice Alarm Bro
21st May 2010
21st October 2013

The Electric Hydra is a spin-off podcast of Old Podtoid, intended to continue with the same cast after many of them departed from Destructoid as staff, and ran from May 2010 until October 2013. Unlike Podtoid, this show often features discussion of the personal lives of the cast.

The Electric Hydra had three series; the main show, Book Club and Early-Ass Morning Show In The Morning.