The Grail

Theatrical poster by Tobbii Karlsson

The Grail is a spontaneous and somewhat unfinished Willem Dafoe movie pitch descibed by creator Jim Sterling as an epic romp through the biblical times.

It was prompted by Jonathan Holmes when he asked Jim when he was going to do his Willem Dafoe movie pitch in Podtoid 224.

The film lasts only one scene because Jim didn't think he would need anything more than 'Jesus' and 'Yakuza' to make up a movie pitch. However, when he began speaking, he realised that he would need much, much more. Since he could not think of anything, he simply gave up on it.


Jesus Christ, at the last supper, shouts "Judas! You shall not pass!" and everybody applauds because it is like Gandalf.

Christ grabs one of his wine servers, Willem Darfur (Willem Dafoe) and asks Darfur if he believes in God and shit. Darfur supposes he does and Christ then entrusts Darfur with a grail. A grail that is holy because he is Jesus Christ. Christ tells Darfur to be careful because the Yakuza is after the grail.


Willem Dafoe plays Willem Darfur. A humble wine server named after a town near Bethlehem.

Ian McKellen plays Jesus Christ. He has a big, white, long beard and a floppy, grey hat.

Woody Harrelson plays The Head of the Japanese Yakuza.


Jesus Christ: "You! Do you believe in all this God and shit?"

Jesus Christ: "You must be very careful, Willem Darfur, for I will entrust you with a most noble endeavour uuhhbruuhbruh."

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