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The Jimquisition
Videogame editorial weekly video series
Jimquisition Banner
Hosted by Jim Sterling
Show Links
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Episode Guide
First episode
Jimqusition-Dtoid 001: PLAGIARISM!
Last episode
27th June 2010

The Jimquisition is a weekly web-show created by Jim Sterling, currently airing on the Jimquisition's website ( The show originated on Destructoid's YouTube channel before making its debut on the Escapist on 2011-04-18 with the episode "Videogames Are Not Movies, Get Over It".

The Jimquisition had its 100th episode (of its run on The Escapist) on 2013-04-01 with the episode Bullshit in Sheep's Clothing

Show ConceptEdit

Essentially a platform for Jim to weigh in with his thoughts on various topics regarding videogames, the focus of episodes typically centers on a specific issue, either relating to a current event or simply something which has been grinding his gears lately.  Other, special episodes can take a variety of different forms, such as The Jimquisition Awards, the 10 Shittiest Games of the Year or a music video about Cliffy B.

The show was originally not a hit among the Escapist's audience, but has gradually developed a strong following on the site. Jim attributes this success to having taken in a lot of the constructive criticism he received from early episodes to improve the show.

In a move that connects The Jimqusition and Podtoid, Miniature Fantasy Willem Dafoe has been featured on the show, sitting on the podium in front of Jim. He got a new suit on the 100th episode.

Recurring ThemesEdit

Content of The Jimquisition generally has a very strong bias toward the consumer perspective, singling out companies and games which fail to meet expectations, as well as indicting the industry on the whole for anti-consumer tactics.


The theme song of The Jimquisition is "Born Depressed" by Drill Queen. Initially used without permission, Drill Queen later approved its use , saying they were regular viewers of the program.

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