The Shattered is the official nickname of the Podtoid fanbase, as announced on Podtoid 249: Cakeside Nudity by  Jim Sterling. He was compelled to call them that after receiving two cum tributes from the fans, and being continuously asked Where's Podtoid?

While little is known about this horde of clearly damaged creatures, they are understood to be a shambling mob of ne'er-do-wells devoid of anything resembling humanity. Their hollow eyes are only the first indication of the depths of the vile, twisted and truly terrible blackness that resides inside them where a human soul should be, and perhaps, once was.

Podtoid fans used to be human. Now, their vaguely bipedal forms serve only to cruelly mock those who persist in the realm of the living.


Podtoid fans are also known to be found in the Podtoid Facebook Group, created by Spencer Pressly  and first mentioned in Podtoid 250: Dangerous Salad On My Face

Other Names for Podtoid FansEdit

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