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A recurring Podtoid feature involves suggestions for ways to improve the life of Podtoid host Jonathan Holmes.

List of ideasEdit

  • Jim has some Cool Christmas anal with Jonathan without his wife knowing. (Episode 182)
  • Jim starts a Kickstarter for him to have sex with Jonathan in Baltimore. (Episode 188)
  • Jim and Jonathan open a hibachi-style restaurant called "Sugared Regrets". (Episode 192)
  • Jim and Jonathan move to the forest and become 18th century grave robbers . (Episode 195)
  • MTV's Exposed Penises with Jonathan Holmes. (Episode 196)
  • Jim and Jonathan float on a raft to the moon to acquire delicious moon milk. (Episode 197)
  • Jim and Jonathan do The Tough Men: American Gladiators. (Episode 199)
  • Jim, Jonathan and Hamza form a rap trio called "Cold Hard Jonathan Holmes" where Jonathan gets earthworms troweled and punched into his anus. (Episode 200)
  • Jim, Jonathan and Hamza become cenobites for the summer. (Episode 201)
  • Jim controls Jonathan's anus via a system of pistons. (Episode 202)
  • Jim haunts Jonathan's house by kicking him while he's asleep. (Episode 202)
  • Jim redesigns Jonathan's house. (Episode 203)
  • Jim gets Jonathan to have sex with various sea creatures. (Episode 204)
  • Jonathan becomes a male prostitue/vampire hunter named Chicken Chungus. (Episode 205)
  • Jim and Jonathan open a western saloon and brothel made in Jonathan's house. (Episode 206) youtube link
  • Jim and Jonathan go Tokyo Drifting. (Episode 207)
  • Once a week, a miniatured, naked version of Jim comes out of Jonathan's anus laughing. (Episode 208)
  • Jim, Jonathan and Conrad run a local cinema. (Episode 209)
  • Jonathan becomes the spidered-man. (Episode 209)
  • Jonathan dresses up like Nightwing (wears blue pajamas) and fucks Jim (Jokester) up the ass. (Episode 210)
  • Jonathan becomes Netflix, living in another person's house while Jim gets 20 dollars a month. (Episode 210)
  • Jonathan sells heroin to children, steals them if they can't pay, and puts them in a sweatshop. (Episode 210)
  • Jonathan becomes Doctor Genital, cutting the penises of his inmates at his Asylum  (Episode 211)
  • Jim converts Jonathan's house into a zoo. (Episode 212)
  • Jonathan Becomes a drug mule, smuggling premo cocaine across the border from New York to Mexico (Episode 213)
  • Jonathan gets his own convention JonCon2012, which culminates in him killing a dog. (Episode 214)
  • Jonathan dresses up as Goku from Dragon Ball Z and preforms a musical. (Episode 215)
  • Jonathan becomes the leader of the Baby Police to stop all of the crimes in Boston.  (Episode 216)
  • Jonathan gets his anus prolapsed and fucks Jim with it (Episode 218)
  • Jonathan poos, gets the poo varnished, and sends it to Jim to hold. (Episode 219)
  • Jonathan dresses in a Thanksgiving turkey costume while children put pickled onions into his anus. (Episode 220)
  • Jim and Jonathan become barbarians. (Episode 223)
  • Jonathan Utilises "Jim's Halloween tips" to enhance his Holiday experience. (Episode 225)
  • Jim, Jonathan and Conrad become teachers at Dickmouth's School of Definitely Magic. (Episode 226)
  • Jonathan becomes Grandpa Cola. (Episode 227)
  • Jim hosts Val Kilmer's Thanksgiving Family Showdown in Boston starring Jonathan. (Episode 228)
  • Jonathan becomes a detective and pins the black dahlia murders on Steve Buscemi. (Episode 229)
  • Jonathan becomes Captain Crack Cocaine. (Episode 230)
  • Jim opens a fart-filter device manufacturer and uses Jonathan as the product tester. (Episode 231)
  • Jonathan becomes a mall Santa and proceeds to lead a riot through Boston. (Episode 232)
  • Jonathan becomes Dr. Freaky Constantina, Dancing in a mesh tank top to Usher. (Episode 234)
  • Jonathan eats feces, either his, his dogs, or those donated to them by anyone who cares, in order to prove Hideki Kamiya wrong. (Episode 235)
  • Jonathan is a Highlander. K.K. Slider is secretly an immortal as well and is trying to behead Jonathan.  The two must do battle since there can only be one. (Episode 235)
  • Jim milks Jonathan like a cow and distribute his "milk" to the students of the local school. (Episode 236)
  • Jonathan's house becomes Boston's Museum featuring Boston's favourite son, Jonathan Holmes, the inventor of light. (Episode 236)
  • Jim, Jonathan and Conrad set up a ghost business, break into peoples houses. (Episode 237)
  • Jim converts Jonathan's house into a planetarium. (Episode 238)
  • Jonathan's yard becomes Jurassic Park. (Episode 239)
  • Jim, Jonathan and Conrad put on Disney's Brave as a school play. (Episode 240)
  • Jonathan masturbates pigs, to gather "Man-Pig Milk" on Bulbooboo's Farm. Jim checks him for ass-worms. (Episode 241)
  • Jonathan becomes the head of organised crime in Boston. (Episode 241)
  • The Dicfriends, a new cartoon TV show written by Jonathan Holmes (Episode 251)
  • Gordon Ramsay and Jonathan Holmes' new restaurant (Episode 251)
  • Jonathan gets locked up in the Holmes Capsule to preserve the year 2013 (Episode 255)
  • Jonathan stars in the Soda Baby detective TV series as Soda Baby (Episode 258)
  • Jonathan eats an entire roast chicken in public while staring at strangers in the eye throughout the entire process, culminating in him replacing Conan O'Brien (Episode 260)
  • Jonathan's PAX Prime Precum Picnic (Episode 266)
  • Renaissance Faire in Ye Olde Bostone (Episode 266)
  • Jonathan strips for dogs (Episode 272)
  • Fetish boutique/dungeon, with Jonathan as Muscle Daddy (Episode 274)

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