Topher Cantler
Old Podtoid Cast Member
Role Cast Member
Date Joined 22nd September 2008
Date Left 27th April 2010
First episode Podtoid 068: Nobody's played Killer Instinct
Last episode Podtoid 148: Bob Hoskins is Watching You F*ck

Topher Cantler is a former Old Podtoid member,  host of the (now concluded) RetroforceGO! podcast and creator of the animated series, The Journalism Show.

Topher is well known for his love of the Sega Dreamcast, The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker and shmups (shoot'em-ups).

On Podtoid, Topher was often the most quiet member (bar Adam Dork ) who often kept his 'Games of the Week' short continually listing Puzzle Fighter, Ikaruga and fighting games.

He is also Doctor Claw.

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