The Unintentionally Sarcastic-Sounding Old Man (TUSSOM) is a fictional character voiced by Jonathan Holmes, usually done to amuse Jim Sterling. TUSSOM was featured on episode one of Jonathan's series Teenage Pokémon. in which he played Professor Cocainetree.  He is not, however, to be confused with "I kissed the old man!"

Current FilmographyEdit

  • Podtoid (Several Episodes) as The Unintenionally Sarcastic-Sounding Old Man
  • Teenage Pokémon as Prof. Cocainetree

Possible Infinite Undiscovery CameoEdit

In 2012, a predecesssor to TUSSOM was found by Tobbii Karlsson in the videogame Infinite Undiscovery, a video was uploaded showing the cutscene in which TUSSOM appeared in which a suspciailly similar-sounding Old Man was asking the heroes to escort them back to Saffron, their home town, and it's been speculated that Jonathan Holmes is hiding a dark secret regarding this game of days past. It's also possible it's a coincidence.

Infinite Undisovery - Jonathan Holmes' Old Man00:31

Infinite Undisovery - Jonathan Holmes' Old Man

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