This is known to be Jim Sterling's favorite question ever. It should always be asked 24 hours either side of the usual Podtoid release time, especially if Jim's computer is broken, he is the hospital for a heart attack (send in a get well card, don't be crass with it here), lack of internet connection, natural disaster, or anything in his life that may get in the way.

It used to be the favorite question of Old Podtoid host Anthony Burch too, evidenced by his complaining about it on Podtoid 146: omg when is it coming out u hate ur fans. Vist the Late Podtoid support group for help with podtoid withdraw symptoms. 

Other variationsEdit

  • "Podtoid?"
  • "Does this mean there is no Podtoid this week?"
  • "Will Podtoid be late because of this serious issue in your life and or work?"
  • "Is The Podcastle ending because Jim is moving to America?"
  • "Where is Podtoid?"
  • "Podtoid Soon?"
  • "Why isn't Podtoid isn't on Dtoid yet?"
  • "Will Max and Tara be coming back one week?"
  • "Bro, do you even know how an a-hole works?"

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