Double-De Ponsumlorde Sensibileness and General Good Behaviour
Podtoid episode 225
Ye Olde Podtoid 225
Featuring Mirian & Giles De Ponsunlorde
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Ye Olde Podtoid 225: Double-De Ponsumlorde Sensibleness and General Good Behaviour is a lost episode of Podtoid, reknowned for featuring the deaths of its two hosts Mirian & Giles De Ponsunlorde.

Official DescriptionEdit

Well time is once again upon us dear listeners as we must talk about all hallows' eve and reminice about the spirits past, in this episode of The Podtoid we talk about death, all new play-time games, a new movie for acclaimed actór Willem Dafoe. All this and more only on The Podtoid.


Wouldnt it be terrible if a world war happened
The episode opens with Giles mocking Mirian for seeing the world purely through the eyes of a ball-in-the-cup fan, as Mirian can only relate to the newly released "Stick and Hoop" game by relating it to her own time spent with a ball-in-the-cup.

Giles then goes on to pitch a Willem Dafoe movie; "Wouldn't it be terrible if a World War Happened?" (later remade as World War Fun, also starring Willem Dafoe), which features Willem Dafoe as a space pilot in 1914 whose only lines are "Weeeeeeee slides are fun". There is also phallic imagery involving German sausages, much like the remake.

The Death of De Ponsunlorde'sEdit

Giles then launches into a regular feature; Mirian De Ponsunlorde's Ankles, before the audio cuts out at Ye Olde Skype crashes. Over the static, many listeners claimed to have heard Miran and Giles screaming, along with Willem Dafoe's laughter as he says "BLEEEURAAAGHAGHAGHAGHAGH, I'M SPITTING IN YOUR EMPTY EYE SOCKET IN HELL HAAHAAHAA".

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